Lusting for Leather

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I love leather. It’s got to be one of my favorite materials. It can take something¬†simple and turn it into something magical. It’s that stand out fabric that doesn’t have to try that hard. It takes little accessorizing or thinking about what to wear with it because leather and a simple tee is all you need to be a model off duty. And boy do I miss it. It’s hot hot hot here in California, but I’m dreaming of cozying up to my leather pieces. So I decided to bust them out before the weather has cool and give them a spin that’ll work with the heat. Pairing a boho-feeling, white blouse with my leather mini and some slip-ons creates a perfect ensemble for this time of fashion transition.¬†

What I’m Wearing

Blouse: Monteau

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: ASOS

Sunnies: Ray-Ban


Pick Up Your Pencil and Begin

Pencil skirts have the reputation of strictly being for women in offices wearing drab colors and skirt suits with no shape at all. But with the current rise and transformation of the pencil skirt, I wanted one. I recently bought this one (for 7$ thank you!) at H&M because I loved the colors and mix of leopard and snake skin prints. Perfection! I was worried about it being too polished or officey for everyday wear and an awkward length that might be a bit amish. And since I do not need office wear at this point in my life and I don’t think there is a future of me living in some amish community, I knew I would just have to work it into my wardrobe some how. So here is it, folks. Paired with some ankle booties and a utility jacket, I transformed my pencil skirt from office wear to just right for me.

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