One for the Money

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There’s nothing better than that throw-it-on-and-go piece; it’s effortless, minimal and requires little thinking, which is great for those late nights that meet early mornings. Sometimes that minimal vibe is exactly what I need. But most of the time, I’m looking for a little something more. That’s the best part about that perfect jumpsuit – it can be just what you want it to. Keep it simple or add layers and accessories to get that stand-out style. Nothing beats versatility when you’re a fashion addict.

What I’m Wearing

Jumpsuit – Forever 21 // Shoes – Sam Edelman // Sunnies – Ray-Ban //Watch – Michael Kors// Bracelets – Alex and Ani // Rings – Forever 21


Butterflies in Barcelona


Barcelona left me missing the sunshine and days where layers upon layers weren’t necessary. But I didn’t have to leave everything behind. When strolling the streets with no particular destination in mind, Sam and I stumbled upon a small store with gorgeous, handmade vintage jewelry. The designer, Ena Macena, takes pieces of old or broken jewelry, metal scraps, and whatever else she can find and creates new, one-of-a-kind pieces. And they are beyond beautiful. Sam and I must have spent an hour picking up pieces, trying them on, and making an effort (a sad one at that) to decide which pieces would become ours. But once I saw this piece, it was love at first sight. Comprised of two different chains assembled together with a black butterfly dangling off the golden beauty, I was sold. There was something just so perfect about it. So me. And with that, I brought back a beautiful butterfly necklace that will always remind me of that trip. And the butterfly so beautiful, yet painted black is perfect to also help remind me of London and it’s constant way of bringing together the beautiful and the ugly, with the ability of making them work so well together.

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