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It’s September, so it’s perfect that temperatures this week are reach the hundreds here in Southern California. Ok, not really. I’m still dreaming of buttery, leather pants, cozy knit sweaters and a stupidly awesome amount of layers. I’m thinking Free People Fall Lookbook while the weather is just tempting me to quit my job and become a mermaid. I’m trying to find a compromise because I just don’t think the whole mermaid gig is really going to work out. This look is just that — a fashion compromise. A flowy maxi with some sliders is perfect for every day of summer while a wool, wide-brim hat and all black is just so appropriate for the cooler months. If this is the outcome, we’re ok with compromising. For now at least.

What I’m Wearing

Dress: Nasty Gal

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Hat: Nasty Gal

Sunglasses: Coach


Sunday School Girl











Looking back on those private school uniforms give me the giggles. At that time, it was anything but funny: the knee length skirts, awkwardly pleated shorts (that, with the right pieces, I honestly feel really could have been statement making), and the constant having to tuck in my shirt (not a chic half tuck either.) At those awkward stages of my life, it was anything but a fashionista in the making. I fell in love with this dress the instant I saw it. Creative hemlines mixed with a simple shape and color drew me in. It reminds me of days in those plaid skirts and Dr. Marten’s that could have been so cool with some freedom and allowed creativity. So, today I’m channeling my past and making uniform wear chic with converse, a fringed, statement necklace, and a bad-ass pair of golden sunnies that reflect that sun.

What I’m Wearing
Dress: Sister Jane
Shoes: Converse
Earrings: Manic
Necklace: Jewel Mint
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Alex & Ani


What-we-want Wednesday


1. Nars The Matte Multiple in Laos ($39) 2. Faulies by Renaud Halter ($88) 3. Tibi Britt Crystal Mule Wedge ($495) 4. MSGM mini skirt ($1,300) 5. #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso ($25) 6. Elisabeth and James Nirvana White ($75) 7. Birkenstock ‘Arizona’ in silver ($130) 8. Tarte LipSurgence in Fiery ($24) 9. River Island biker jacket ($100)

“Do I Contradict Myself? Very Well, Then, I Contradict Myself.”


As soon as we arrived in London I noticed something special about the city beside it’s obvious beauty and fast-past attitude. It clashed every which way I looked. From century-old buildings neighboring brand-new buildings, the city was filled with contradiction. People with purple hair wearing the most romantic outfits you could imagine. “Excuse me” meaning “get out of my way.” And so on. So when I put together this outfit that was so sport yet so flirty, I felt so very London. My  bomber jacket and New Bs brought the sporty, while the flare hem of my skirt mixed with a bit of midriff brought the flirty. I can’t wait to see what other contradictions and lessons this city has to show me both for my personality and my fashion.

Stay Manic,

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Fur Function


Sometimes when I wear my fur jackets (yes, plural) in California, I feel a little silly. It’s get mildly cool at night, but nothing so outrageous that fur seems necessary. But I don’t really care for necessity most of the time. That’s why I have a shopping problem probably. I just like the way they look. They’re big and fuzzy and have my eyes popping every time I see one. They make a statement regardless of the rest of your outfit. But here in London they seem oh so necessary. It’s cold and rainy so my favorite furs have moved beyond just looks. They serve purpose and that names them happy. I have to admit this fur isn’t mine. It belongs to Sam. But for the next four months we’re sharing a closet, and our closet has become super human. From fur to fishnets, we can’t wait to see what outfits we’ll create when we have two closets to work from. And you should be excited too.

Stay Manic,


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Mix Master

IMG_0214 While online shopping at Nasty Gal, these high-shine leggings caught my eye right away. I was swooning. They were fitted but not overly tight like your standard leggings. High rise. HIgh shine. Low price. They had it all. Add to bag and purchased. 3 to 5 business days later they arrived on the mosaic table outside my front door. I ran to my room, opened them, and threw them right one. I was in pleather heaven. I have two pairs of leather-like pants, but neither of them have this much shine. Patent pants were a great addition to my closet. And then I started dreaming of how to wear them, and I ran into a wall. A wall that screamed kinda slutty; these pants could easily take that turn from High-Fashionville to Hookertown. I squashed these thoughts faster than they could come oozing out of my head by running to my closet and putting together a few outfits that would be banned from Hookerville. I needed to mix these leggings with something completely opposite of them. So I did.  The outfits were lady-like and classic, yet had some personality and funk. These pants gave my simple, longer blouse an edge that it needed. They took my sweaters that I thought were kinda boring and gave them life. And then I came across my cream blouse from Banana Republic and it was so bohemian and pretty.  I thought, what a incredible contrast that style blouse would create when paired with not-so-boho leggings. So I added some fringe and turquoise, topped it all off with a floppy hat, and that was that – the perfect mix of boho and edgy. IMG_0191 IMG_0193IMG_0201IMG_0200\] IMG_0202IMG_0203IMG_0204IMG_0228IMG_0227

Floral. Duh.


Sometimes, I put on an outfit and it speaks to me but not in the way that leaves me with something to write about. I just like it, okay. I love this outfit, but the only thing I can praise is the $2.50 muscle tee. I could wear it with almost everything. It’s long enough to wear with something mid-rise, yet short enough for all my high-waisted beauties. It hangs loose, yet fits well. It has it all, and I think you all should run out and buy one. It’s great for looking sexy and carefree at the same time or for throwing on during those days when you have no idea what to wear. If you do not think it is for you, then buy 10 for a friend. Pair it with an amazing hat or leather jacket and grungy lipstick. They’ll wear it once and then they won’t know which fashion god hit them.  And they’ll have you to thank for that. IMG_0112 IMG_0115IMG_0113IMG_0116

Sweater – Forever 21; Tank – H&M; Pants – Madewell; Booties – ASOS

Plaid Perfection

I’m not really big on sweat pants, especially when in public. If you’re hitting up the gym or going for a walk, then I get it. I get you wearing them to class because you’re going to the gym or just came from the gym. And since I really, really dislike the gym, I own like zero pairs of sweatpants. But I totally get comfort. It’s important. Sometimes you just want a lazy Saturday afternoon outfit. So when I saw these plaid pants on Nasty Gal, I had to get them! They encompass the best if two worlds: fashion and comfort. The print is in trend, the leather waistband is awesome, and the knit feel of the fabric might be the softest thing ever. I’m obsessed.







Gloomy Garden Party

Attending or throwing a Garden Party is something I often dream of and one day will no longer be a dream but a memory. There’s something about the clothing and decorations that just gets me swooning. These parties are mostly held during the springtime filled with bright colors, flower everything, and generally Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney. I was recently gifted this gorgeous blazer and it reminded me of a Garden party. So I decided today I would dress for a gloomy Garden Party held in the Fall. I envision just as many florals, delightful tea cups, Gwyneth and Stella, of course but with an added dose of edge and fall-ready clothing.







Manic Must-Haves Monday

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 3.17.15 PM
1. Isabel Marant Lace Bra 2. Nasty Gal Booties 3. J. Crew Fedora 4. Les Copains Check Wool Jacket 5. Bauble Bar Mongol Warrior Necklace 6. Topshop Mixed Media Tee  7. Abyss & Habidecor Leopard Bath Mat 8. Yves Saint Laurent Lipstick in Luminous Pink 8. It by Alexa Chung Novel