Lusting for Leather

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I love leather. It’s got to be one of my favorite materials. It can take something simple and turn it into something magical. It’s that stand out fabric that doesn’t have to try that hard. It takes little accessorizing or thinking about what to wear with it because leather and a simple tee is all you need to be a model off duty. And boy do I miss it. It’s hot hot hot here in California, but I’m dreaming of cozying up to my leather pieces. So I decided to bust them out before the weather has cool and give them a spin that’ll work with the heat. Pairing a boho-feeling, white blouse with my leather mini and some slip-ons creates a perfect ensemble for this time of fashion transition. 

What I’m Wearing

Blouse: Monteau

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: ASOS

Sunnies: Ray-Ban


Bonjour, Paris


From Barcelona, we were off to our second trip – Paris! Over packed and overly excited wearing my new vintage sweater purchased in Barcelona, Sam and I boarded the Euro Star ready for a trip filled with Chanel, escargot, and Macaroons. Day one in Paris we found our selves taking a boat tour up and down the Seine river. It was cloudy and chilly, but the Eiffel Tower looked dark, yet beautiful behind a thick, milky layer of clouds and fog. Every turn of our head left us looking at something new and unexpected. The architecture, nature, and general scenery were breath taking. It only seemed fitting to shoot our first round of style photos in Paris while floating atop the river. At the end of the day we were brought to Make Up Forever’s flagship store with the generous gift of 40% off everything. I we’re elated to say the least. Alongside my shopping habit is a makeup habit; I was in beauty bliss. The rest of the night was left for us to wander Paris and discover the city on our own. We found little back alleys, zipping motorcycles, and a salad topped with egg and anchovies. It was marvelous. With 4 more days left, I found myself missing London already but wondering what was in store for the rest of our time in France.

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Butterflies in Barcelona


Barcelona left me missing the sunshine and days where layers upon layers weren’t necessary. But I didn’t have to leave everything behind. When strolling the streets with no particular destination in mind, Sam and I stumbled upon a small store with gorgeous, handmade vintage jewelry. The designer, Ena Macena, takes pieces of old or broken jewelry, metal scraps, and whatever else she can find and creates new, one-of-a-kind pieces. And they are beyond beautiful. Sam and I must have spent an hour picking up pieces, trying them on, and making an effort (a sad one at that) to decide which pieces would become ours. But once I saw this piece, it was love at first sight. Comprised of two different chains assembled together with a black butterfly dangling off the golden beauty, I was sold. There was something just so perfect about it. So me. And with that, I brought back a beautiful butterfly necklace that will always remind me of that trip. And the butterfly so beautiful, yet painted black is perfect to also help remind me of London and it’s constant way of bringing together the beautiful and the ugly, with the ability of making them work so well together.

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Run For Your Life, If You Can Little Girl


If you haven’t noticed, I’m mildly obsessed with wearing trainers with everyday outfits, so long as it looks good. And of course, as long as it’s done right. I love the juxtapose it can create between something so sporty and something so feminine or edgy or whichever direction you want to take it in. Since I’ve been in London strolling the streets near and far from the London College of Fashion, I realized that Londoners too love wearing their running shoes daily. And damn do they do it well. Mixed with skirts and pants and dresses, these ladies (and gents) know exactly how to take something that could go so wrong and make it oh-so right. Try it out, and you won’t regret it.

IMG_0461 IMG_0470IMG_0466IMG_0474IMG_0462IMG_0471IMG_0467IMG_0478IMG_0477

Fur Function


Sometimes when I wear my fur jackets (yes, plural) in California, I feel a little silly. It’s get mildly cool at night, but nothing so outrageous that fur seems necessary. But I don’t really care for necessity most of the time. That’s why I have a shopping problem probably. I just like the way they look. They’re big and fuzzy and have my eyes popping every time I see one. They make a statement regardless of the rest of your outfit. But here in London they seem oh so necessary. It’s cold and rainy so my favorite furs have moved beyond just looks. They serve purpose and that names them happy. I have to admit this fur isn’t mine. It belongs to Sam. But for the next four months we’re sharing a closet, and our closet has become super human. From fur to fishnets, we can’t wait to see what outfits we’ll create when we have two closets to work from. And you should be excited too.

Stay Manic,


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Mix Master

IMG_0214 While online shopping at Nasty Gal, these high-shine leggings caught my eye right away. I was swooning. They were fitted but not overly tight like your standard leggings. High rise. HIgh shine. Low price. They had it all. Add to bag and purchased. 3 to 5 business days later they arrived on the mosaic table outside my front door. I ran to my room, opened them, and threw them right one. I was in pleather heaven. I have two pairs of leather-like pants, but neither of them have this much shine. Patent pants were a great addition to my closet. And then I started dreaming of how to wear them, and I ran into a wall. A wall that screamed kinda slutty; these pants could easily take that turn from High-Fashionville to Hookertown. I squashed these thoughts faster than they could come oozing out of my head by running to my closet and putting together a few outfits that would be banned from Hookerville. I needed to mix these leggings with something completely opposite of them. So I did.  The outfits were lady-like and classic, yet had some personality and funk. These pants gave my simple, longer blouse an edge that it needed. They took my sweaters that I thought were kinda boring and gave them life. And then I came across my cream blouse from Banana Republic and it was so bohemian and pretty.  I thought, what a incredible contrast that style blouse would create when paired with not-so-boho leggings. So I added some fringe and turquoise, topped it all off with a floppy hat, and that was that – the perfect mix of boho and edgy. IMG_0191 IMG_0193IMG_0201IMG_0200\] IMG_0202IMG_0203IMG_0204IMG_0228IMG_0227

Camo and Caps


I have been obsessing over baseball caps as a fashion accessory for quite some time now. I’m not very sporty, although I do like a good Laker game, but some part of me craved a sporty baseball cap to mix with my eclectic style. And so there it was at H&M. The perfect combo of wool and leather in an easy-to-wear black, baseball cap. I put it on, looked in the mirror, and I was sold. I opted for a laid back look today, but I am dreaming of the endless possibilities of outfits that I will couple with my cap. Happy Almost Friday! IMG_0104IMG_0108IMG_0098 IMG_0085 IMG_0078 IMG_0105IMG_0074Baseball Cap – H&M; Jacket – Stolen from sister; Top – Foreign Exchange; Jeans – Zara; Shoes – Topshop; Watch – Michael Kors; 3 Stone Ring – Forever 21



Midi Madness



I scored this awesome leather-like midi at Forever for $12. I put it on in the dressing room, and it was love. Perfection. The endless outfit possibilities created around this skirt started to fill my fashion-obsessed brain. With flats and a sweater. With more leather. With fur and some booties. So today when I was getting dressed, my New Bs caught my eye, and the rest is history.unnamed (4) unnamed (3) unnamed (2) unnamed (1)

Plaid Perfection

I’m not really big on sweat pants, especially when in public. If you’re hitting up the gym or going for a walk, then I get it. I get you wearing them to class because you’re going to the gym or just came from the gym. And since I really, really dislike the gym, I own like zero pairs of sweatpants. But I totally get comfort. It’s important. Sometimes you just want a lazy Saturday afternoon outfit. So when I saw these plaid pants on Nasty Gal, I had to get them! They encompass the best if two worlds: fashion and comfort. The print is in trend, the leather waistband is awesome, and the knit feel of the fabric might be the softest thing ever. I’m obsessed.







Make It Rain

When it rains here in Southern California, it drizzles. That’s the saying, right? Anyway, any sort of rain fall gives me an excuse to dress for heavy rain fall. This leopard parka seemed a bit ridiculous when it first came in the mail and I tired it on over my pajamas in front if my standing, wooden mirror. When I added it to my cart on ASOS, my intentions were that it would be needed for my upcoming trip to London. And I will so it seemed like a necessary item. And the longer I stared at it in my reflection, the more I wished it rained her in Orange County. I couldn’t wait over a month to wear something new. That’s pretty much unheard of for me. So this morning as I woke up and heard the rain drops and saw them run down my windows, I knew today was the day. Even if it didn’t rain later on, it had rained and the smell of fresh rain lingered on this gloomy day and I had to make good use of my leopard parka.

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