Summer Meets Fall

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I love this outfit; the boho, crocheted duster screams summer and is perfectly juxtaposed by the all black that screams fall. It’s the perfect outfit for this transitory period from summer to fall fashion. It can be hard to find that balance, and I think this outfit does just that.


Vest: Brass Plum

Jeans: Paige

Shoes: Forever 21


Make It Rain

When it rains here in Southern California, it drizzles. That’s the saying, right? Anyway, any sort of rain fall gives me an excuse to dress for heavy rain fall. This leopard parka seemed a bit ridiculous when it first came in the mail and I tired it on over my pajamas in front if my standing, wooden mirror. When I added it to my cart on ASOS, my intentions were that it would be needed for my upcoming trip to London. And I will so it seemed like a necessary item. And the longer I stared at it in my reflection, the more I wished it rained her in Orange County. I couldn’t wait over a month to wear something new. That’s pretty much unheard of for me. So this morning as I woke up and heard the rain drops and saw them run down my windows, I knew today was the day. Even if it didn’t rain later on, it had rained and the smell of fresh rain lingered on this gloomy day and I had to make good use of my leopard parka.

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Gloomy Garden Party

Attending or throwing a Garden Party is something I often dream of and one day will no longer be a dream but a memory. There’s something about the clothing and decorations that just gets me swooning. These parties are mostly held during the springtime filled with bright colors, flower everything, and generally Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney. I was recently gifted this gorgeous blazer and it reminded me of a Garden party. So I decided today I would dress for a gloomy Garden Party held in the Fall. I envision just as many florals, delightful tea cups, Gwyneth and Stella, of course but with an added dose of edge and fall-ready clothing.







Pick Up Your Pencil and Begin

Pencil skirts have the reputation of strictly being for women in offices wearing drab colors and skirt suits with no shape at all. But with the current rise and transformation of the pencil skirt, I wanted one. I recently bought this one (for 7$ thank you!) at H&M because I loved the colors and mix of leopard and snake skin prints. Perfection! I was worried about it being too polished or officey for everyday wear and an awkward length that might be a bit amish. And since I do not need office wear at this point in my life and I don’t think there is a future of me living in some amish community, I knew I would just have to work it into my wardrobe some how. So here is it, folks. Paired with some ankle booties and a utility jacket, I transformed my pencil skirt from office wear to just right for me.

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Black and White and Purple, Oh My

Black and white are classic colors, and paired together they create a classic look. They are season less and work for women of all tastes and styles. I love a solid black and white ensemble. But sometimes, I need a little less classic and a little more funk in my life. This outfit has that. My black tee and white skirt look clean and polished on their own, while still relaxed and ready to take on my Friday. And I love that. But I wanted something more, as I searched my closet for what to wear. So I threw on my purple coat and some vampy purple lipstick, and there it was–a somewhat classic outfit with a bit more of me in it.

Stay Manic,

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