White Tee. Patch Jeans.











It’s the weekend, and I’m topping it off with the perfect white tee and jeans. It’s basic and carefree with just enough added personality to avoid being overly basic. This outfit is ready for anything that comes my way be it sushi with my main gals or a night at #paulsforever. I’m set for a carefree, California weekend.

What I’m Wearing

Shirt: Trouve

Jeans: Forever 21

Shoes: Circus by Sam Edelman

Sunglasses: Rayban

Summer Meets Fall

IMG_4559 IMG_4561 IMG_4563 IMG_4565 IMG_4569 IMG_4576 IMG_4578 IMG_4579 IMG_4580

I love this outfit; the boho, crocheted duster screams summer and is perfectly juxtaposed by the all black that screams fall. It’s the perfect outfit for this transitory period from summer to fall fashion. It can be hard to find that balance, and I think this outfit does just that.


Vest: Brass Plum

Jeans: Paige

Shoes: Forever 21

Lusting for Leather

IMG_4532 IMG_4554







I love leather. It’s got to be one of my favorite materials. It can take something simple and turn it into something magical. It’s that stand out fabric that doesn’t have to try that hard. It takes little accessorizing or thinking about what to wear with it because leather and a simple tee is all you need to be a model off duty. And boy do I miss it. It’s hot hot hot here in California, but I’m dreaming of cozying up to my leather pieces. So I decided to bust them out before the weather has cool and give them a spin that’ll work with the heat. Pairing a boho-feeling, white blouse with my leather mini and some slip-ons creates a perfect ensemble for this time of fashion transition. 

What I’m Wearing

Blouse: Monteau

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: ASOS

Sunnies: Ray-Ban

Changing Wardrobes

IMG_4401 IMG_4403 IMG_4408 IMG_4409 IMG_4420 IMG_4410IMG_4427IMG_4436IMG_4412IMG_4433IMG_4438IMG_4443IMG_4430IMG_4444IMG_4441IMG_4437

I’m secretly excited for fall to start; although I’m always cold, I’m more than ready to bust out the cozy clothes buried in the back of my closet. I miss my leather pants and the ability to layer an outfit to sheer perfection. After a quintessential trip to Forever 21, I found myself yearning to wear my newest addition to my closet: a quilted, oversized menswear-inspired blazer. Like many of my other love affairs with my attire, it was love at first site; I just had to have it. It’s a piece I’d been looking for for quite some time and at such a perfect price point how could I not. I brought it home, hung it up, and started to realized that it was hot, hot, hot. So I challenged myself and styled this coat for a look I would say is summer approved. Paired with an essential white tee and my thrifted shorts, it was the perfect balance and will transition very nicely into the cooler months.

What I’m Wearing

Jacket: Forever 21

Shorts: Vintage Levi’s

Shirt: ASOS

Shoes: ASOS

Sunnies: Nordstrom Bp

Watch: Michael Kors

Necklaces: Manic/Bauble Bar/Forever 21

Rings: Forever 21/Thanks, Mom!/Vintage

Panama and Prints in Palm Springs

IMG_4386 IMG_4365IMG_4367IMG_4372IMG_4380IMG_4373IMG_4375IMG_4381IMG_4382IMG_4393 IMG_4384IMG_4389IMG_4396IMG_4398IMG_4391IMG_4400

A wide-brim, panama hat and silky, Hawaiian printed dress seemed like the perfect combination for a little getaway to Palm Springs. And functional, surprisingly. The brim of the hat shades my face from the suns harsh rays while the dresses thin material is cool enough for the scorching, desert heat. Paired with my new Forever 21 booties (yes, Forever. They just look so much more designer than that), it’s the perfect outfit for a night under the stars and California palm trees.

Bermudas: not just for your mom

IMG_4345 IMG_4336IMG_4348IMG_4347IMG_4338IMG_4344IMG_4352IMG_4342IMG_4340IMG_4349IMG_4346IMG_4339IMG_4351

I’ll never forget shopping, at age 12, with my mom; the struggle was real. It was a constant battle between her trying to dress me up like I was a 40-year-old teacher at stores like J Jill and Ann Taylor (which I would gladly shop at today) and me wanting to just look like all my friends and dress like I belonged in a Limited Too catalogue (judge me). Needless to say, she had the money, and I always ended up looking like I belong at the front of the classroom. Fast forward 12 years and irony ensues; I wear my mom jeans with pride and find myself loving the things I once cried to get away from. Something else my mom was always putting me in that I hated – bermudas. She was looking for something a bit more conservative than cut-offs and hey, today I get it. My awkward 12-year-old self, on the other hand, never will. Today, I’m embracing them. Yes, they can be as awkward as a quiet elevator ride to the 29th floor but dress them just right and it’s more like an elevator filled with your friends in a night out in Vegas. Awesome. Get funky in some long shorts with a cool crop top, booties, and fresh jewelry to match.

What I’m Wearing

Top: H&M

Short: Trouve

Shoes: ASOS

Necklace: Brass Plum

Watch: Michael Kors

Bracelets: Alex and Ani

Sunday School Girl











Looking back on those private school uniforms give me the giggles. At that time, it was anything but funny: the knee length skirts, awkwardly pleated shorts (that, with the right pieces, I honestly feel really could have been statement making), and the constant having to tuck in my shirt (not a chic half tuck either.) At those awkward stages of my life, it was anything but a fashionista in the making. I fell in love with this dress the instant I saw it. Creative hemlines mixed with a simple shape and color drew me in. It reminds me of days in those plaid skirts and Dr. Marten’s that could have been so cool with some freedom and allowed creativity. So, today I’m channeling my past and making uniform wear chic with converse, a fringed, statement necklace, and a bad-ass pair of golden sunnies that reflect that sun.

What I’m Wearing
Dress: Sister Jane
Shoes: Converse
Earrings: Manic
Necklace: Jewel Mint
Watch: Michael Kors
Bracelets: Alex & Ani


Thanks Mom & Dad


Mail Attachment111

Dear Mom and Dad,

I write to thank you for being my source of inspiration for my latest look. Mom, who knew those high-waisted “mom jeans” you sported in the nineties would be one of my spring/summer obsessions, but alas, I rock this Topshop pair to the best of my ability. Dad, your sport coat inspired blazer, I picked up at a vintage store in Berlin, pairs nicely with the look adding a masculine edge. Paired with a ribbed white crop top and pointed toe Office booties I complete a look my parents would be proud of. Overall I am loving this outfit, and even in this hot hot summer heat, I can remove the blazer for a cooler look.

Thanks for the inspiration!!


P.S This is my last London look


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The Denim Skirt Rises Again


Crop tops and overalls galore. We’re sure you’ve noticed the resurgence of the 90’s in all things fashion recently. The best part about this blast from the past? It’s new and updated with a chic, modern spin on each and every trend. And although there are some things that should stay in the past, fashionistas everywhere are doing a fab job in breathing new life into old trend. You might feel like crop tops and overalls are here to stay but are old news. That’s why our focus today is on a trend that’s resurfacing in the fashion world that you probably wished had stayed in the past – the denim skirt. Yup, it’s here again! But not what you’re thinking. We don’t mean those old, denim mini skirts from Abercrombie & Fitch with the weird fading on the front and back or with that weird, lace-up closure that belongs on your shoes in place of a fly and zipper. We’re talking about denim skirts in a whole new way: a-line silhouettes to flatter every body type, midi-length, chambray beauties that scream chic, and denim skirts with flounces or folds. The denim skirt has been reborn and we love it. It’s the perfect piece for summer when the sun is shinning hot, hot, hot! I chose this perfect, acid-washed number from ASOS. It’s mini but has somewhat of an A-line silhouette to ensure it’s beyond 90’s. I love the high waistline that allows me to still rock the crop top. And the fading of the fabric has me falling in love. Pair it with Birkenstocks for a relaxing day in the sun or add booties or chunky heels to dress it up for my night out, this skirt is ready to help me take on the summer.

IMG_4073unnamed (1) IMG_4081unnamed (4)unnamed (2)unnamed (3)unnamed (6) unnamed (5)unnamed (10)unnamedunnamed (7)unnamed (8)unnamed (9)

Shop some of our favorite options below!

What I’m Wearing

Top: Topshop (It’s a dress!)

Skirt: ASOS

Shoes: Birkenstocks

Watch: Michael Kors

Bracelets: Alex and Ani

Necklace: Forever 21